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My name is Edward McGeachie, managing director at Seaforth Analytical Services. 

We are a procurement analytics company based in Glasgow. Established in 2015, Supported CIPS Award winner for best consultancy project. Presented at Gartner Peer Review Chicago on supply chain analytics.

Our Category Manager Spend tools deliver real business value.
Successfully designed and built spend tools that have analysed over 15M rows, excess of $10 Billion Dollars and supported cost savings in excess of $100M.

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My procurement career began over 20 years ago when I worked for Schlumberger, IBM & Lenovo. As a senior manager, I worked in every function with Global supply chain.
In 2010, I lead a small team to create a center of excellence for Supply Chain analytics reporting to SVP and Functional VP's.

We helped create a data driven decision making culture - we created several tools that delivered significant cost savings and more importantly provided the decision makers with support tools they needed to make strategic sourcing.

In 2013 we were recognised at a Gartner Peer Review in Chicago as being a contributing factor for lenovo's ranking improvement from 51 to 21 best supply chain organisations in the World.

We mastered supply chain modelling, in 2015 we formed Seaforth.

Since then we've helped several companies with decision support tools, using industry best practices and my 20+ years of experience. We also Support

Category Manager Tool

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