1. Seaforth Analytics are very much a trusted and highly respected partner of VA Business Solutions. We have worked with them on many important client situations and their analytical and executive reporting capabilities have been able to provide our clients with outstanding insights into the requirement for change, and what they need to do to change. Their executive reporting solutions have given our clients much needed instant and effective business information to drive critical decision making.
    Peter Logue, CEO, VA Business Solutions
  2. Making sure we get the most from our spend data is essential to delivering a great procurement service for our Local Authority. We are excited the added value we’ll able to deliver using the analysis and evidence Seaforth Analytics tool will give us.
    Helen Mackenzie, Procurement Director
  3. When one of our global FMCG clients asked us to help provide greater visibility of its local training spend across 67 countries, we partnered with Eddie and Team, who gathered and analysed the necessary data – categorising and validating a spend of $18million with 1,800 third party suppliers. Once collated & analysed the data with great proficiency and speed producing a suite of reports. The client was truly delighted with the results, the reporting tool enabled data to be cut and sliced in so many ways to such a high level of detail that it left no stone unturned and gave the business a really clear view of its global training spend. As a result, the business has been able to drive specific initiatives to improve and refine its learning and development strategy across the globe.
    Joanne Carson, Hemsley Fraser
  4. Seaforth have been Odesma’s partner of choice for the past three years providing leading edge spend analytics and data insight which is second to none. They work fast and effectively, collaborating with ourselves as one team to deliver the results and outcomes we need to delight our customers and partners. The leadership team is incredibly helpful and responsive, engaging smoothly, often against a backdrop of having to act fast. We like their approach, and expect to continue utilising the solutions & insight they enable.
    Ed Cross, Executive Director, Odesma Limited
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